Disease and Bug Infestations can kill trees and shrubs

Not sure if your tree has one of these issues? Leave the diagnosis to us.

apbdamage-1-hicontOur certified arborist handles diseases treatments and disease control and can diagnose the problems a tree may be having.

We offer services to remedy a bug or disease issues and we also offer preventive maintenance to ensure your trees or shrubs do not become infected.

As a safe practice for our environment, we offer  an alternative for spraying for these types of things.

We have a “zero drift” method that eliminates chemicals from being put into the air. As a practice, we inject the treatment into the soil or into the tree itself so it is safer for the environment and eliminates the cause for concern to wildlife; especially airborne insects and pollenating insects such as bees.

In most cases (almost all!) we can do the injection and avoid spraying chemicals into the air.

Contact us today to get your trees or shrubs diagnoses and/or protected from disease or bug infestation.