3 Reasons to Prune Your Trees in Winter

The leaves are gone and the snow is falling and our beautiful Colorado landscape is looking like winter (finally!)

Although it may seem counter intuitive, pruning your trees and shrubs in winter is a great way to get ahead of the spring yard clean-up and help your trees.

1) You can see what you’re doing! With the leaves gone there is plenty more access to the branches. Be careful though, it can be easy to over prune and then you’ll end up with a lopsided or unhealthy tree come spring time.

2) More flowers or fruit in spring. A well-trimmed plant will produce more of the good stuff. You’ll see an improvement in the flourishing characteristics in the tree once the temperatures come back up.

3) It will allow the tree to focus more energy on the dominate branches. By pruning away the dead or broken limbs your tree can use all it’s energy to maintain and grow the structural limbs of the tree.

Have some pruning that’s a bit out of your reach? Give us a call to get our special winter pricing on tree pruning, removal, and health care.

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